No. Patients do not need a referral to see Dr. Fralich.

No. Patients do not have a copay.

Yes. Dr. Fralich will see patients with and without insurance.

When considering the inflated cost of insurance premiums, high deductibles, copays, narrow networks, referral requirements, and frequent denial of coverage for services, our model can save patients time and money, even if they have insurance. Moreover, many of the less invasive non-surgical options we offer are not included in patients’ insurance plans. As a small private medical practice that does not contract with insurance companies, we can therefore offer significantly lower prices for our services. NWSEM provides the best sports and exercise medicine care in the region and we treat our patients like VIPs, with short wait times, flexible scheduling, and easy access to our team. We are interested in you and your health needs, take our time with every individual, and provide exceptional comprehensive and personalized care by listening to and examining our patients, while using the latest technology and evidence-based practices.

Direct Specialty Care provides access to transparent, lower-cost services because we do not contract with insurance companies. Insurance companies continue to raise their premiums and deductibles while often narrowing their networks, making it increasingly difficult and more expensive than ever to see a preferred physician. Additionally, insurance companies often deny recommended treatment or require patients to jump through hoops, which delays care and minimizes the doctor-patient relationship as well as patient autonomy. By allowing patients to pay NWSEM directly, the power to choose medical care is restored to patients on the foundation of the doctor-patient relationship and patient preference. We can spend more time with patients and take care of multiple issues at the same visit, so the process is easier and more economical for patients. Direct Specialty Care can even be cheaper than going to the ER or Urgent Care! We can provide a letter of medical necessity to patients if requested, and they can submit this documentation to their insurance carrier for reimbursement (patients should check with their insurance carrier to learn if this is an option in their plan).

There are no copays, hidden fees, dues, or surprise bills for services at NWSEM. Payment is due at time of service and can be paid with cash, debit card, credit card, or check. We believe patients should know what they will be paying before choosing and agreeing to medical services or a procedure. Please call us for information about our services pricing.